Dolph Lundgren’s 10 Strongest Characters, Ranked

Dolph Lundgren’s extensive filmography boasts an impressive array of titles, with his roles embracing strong, physically imposing characters with no-nonsense attitudes. Known for his formidable on-screen presence, the action star has carved a niche in the entertainment industry by embodying tough-guy characters. Lundgren's versatility as an actor is showcased through his ability to seamlessly transition from one challenging role to another, leaving an indelible mark on the action genre.

From superheroes with extraordinary powers to super soldiers, and from criminals navigating the underworld to crime fighters seeking justice, Lundgren has successfully tackled a diverse range of characters within the action genre. His commitment to bringing authenticity and depth to each role has established him as a prominent figure in action cinema. Lundgren's ability to navigate the complexities of different characters and storylines underscores his prowess as an actor capable of taking on almost any role within the dynamic realm of action-packed narratives.

Ivan Drago – Rocky Franchise

Ivan Drago's punches clock in at 2000 PSI

Rocky IV introduced its tragic villain, Ivan Drago, as a renowned Olympic gold medalist with an impeccable amateur record, but it was his imposing frame and cold demeanor that made him so intimidating. Drago trained to become the consummate fighter, and he pursued victory with such blind fervor that he even used steroids to give him an edge. While not a trained killer like many of Lundgren’s characters, Ivan Drago’s tank-like physique and 2000 PSI-punch ensure that any choosing to fight him head on are unlikely to come out of the altercation the same way they went in.

Gunner Jensen – The Expendables Franchise

He's a battle-hardened genius

Gunner Jensen often functions as comic relief in The Expendibles franchise, and it can be easy to forget how formidable he is when push comes to shove. Despite his long-running dependency issues, Jensen brings an unexpected layer of intellect to his otherwise volatile persona due to his formal education in chemical engineering. Throughout the series, he demonstrates expertise with several weapons, including a large bowie knife, a Milkor MGL multi-shot grenade launcher, and a variety of automatic weapons. Clearly, Gunner Jensen is more than capable of holding his own even if he isn’t always lucid while doing it.

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Jebediah Woodley – Don't Kill It

He's a tough demon hunter

Dolph Lundgren’s Jebediah Woodley proves to be a formidable demon hunter in Don’t Kill It, which is a clear boon in a world where such adversaries are nearly unkillable and capable of swapping hosts with relative ease. To combat these monsters, Jebediah demonstrates extraordinary combat prowess, shifting between hand-to-hand combat and a wide variety of weapons often throughout the film. Additionally, he approaches each encounter strategically and adapts as needed. While this demon hunter is only human, his aptitude for tracking and killing these otherworldly creatures is more than impressive.

Major Max Gatling – Battle of the Damned

He's been tested by fighting zombies and robots

Major Max Gatling stands out for his unwavering determination and strategic acumen while wading through zombie hordes in Battle of the Damned. Leading mercenaries on a rescue mission, Gatling demonstrates a wealth of skills and combat experience. In addition to his combat expertise, Gatling also showcases impressive engineering knowledge when he reprograms prototype robots to add a tactical edge to the group. His leadership skills, resourcefulness and adaptability all contribute to establishing him as the perfect soldier to have on hand in a zombie apocalypse.

Karl Honig, a.k.a. The Preacher – Johnny Mnemonic

He has secret cybernetic enhancements

In Johnny Mnemonic, the Preacher proves to be a dangerous psychopath with a cybernetic body thought to be indestructible throughout most of the film. In addition to shrugging off damage, his physical strength, combat skills, and unwavering determination make him a serious threat throughout the movie. Armed with a range of weapons, he relentlessly pursues the protagonist, becoming the Mr. X to Johnny Mnemonic’s Leon Kennedy. The Preacher's menacing presence, unpredictable actions, and unflinching reaction to pain or damage make him a terrifying and deadly force in the dystopian world of the film.

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Andrew Scott – Universal Soldier Franchise

His soldier is a genetically altered super-soldier

Andrew Scott remains one of the primary threats in the Universal Soldier franchise after becoming a super soldier in the first film. Initially introduced as a disturbed Vietnam War veteran with a brutal history, Scott undergoes reanimation in the Universal Soldier program, transforming into GR-13. As a result, Scott benefits from heightened strength, speed, and recuperative abilities. In tandem with his increasingly erratic behavior, his super human physical prowess and mastery in combat make him a formidable antagonist. Across multiple films, he develops new ways to lethally challenge the protagonists, often leading to intense confrontations with the main characters.

Konstantin Kovar – Arrow Season 5

He's a brilliant psychopath

Konstantin Kovar proves to be a deadly adversary in the Arrow TV series, whose bitter grudge against Oliver Queen sees him utilize a variety of strategems in order to take down Star City’s vigilante. Kovar utilized his political influence to establish himself as a government strongman ruling over Krasnoyarsk. His concealed criminal organization instilled fear across the region. Kovar demonstrated impressive skill in hand-to-hand combat and mastery of weapons, allowing him to outpace Oliver several times through Arrow season 5. However, it’s his high-level intellect, leadership, and propensity for manipulation that make Kovar such a polarizing threat.

Frank Castle – The Punisher

The Punisher is a bona fide comic book antihero

The Punisher, portrayed as the relentless Frank Castle, embodies a deadly force fueled by an unyielding quest for justice. Driven by the tragic loss of his family to a mob hit, Castle transforms into New York City's enigmatic vigilante, orchestrating a one-man war against organized crime. Once a proud member of the Armed Forces, his lethal proficiency in hand-to-hand combat, firearms, and explosives marks him as an unparalleled force. While The Punisher is only human, he has outmatched and overcome hundreds of super humans within the Marvel Universe–and he’s done that with knives, guns, and sheer force of will.

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King Nereus – Aquaman Movies

One of the strongest Xebelians in the DCU

Despite differences from the comics, King Nereus of Xebel emerges as a potent force, empowered by several superhuman advantages. Like other Xebilians, Nereus is stronger than humans and his body can withstand extreme pressure. As King of Xebel, he’s especially gifted with hydrokinesis, a magic affording him absolute control over water. Finally, his magic trident can fire energy bolts with deadly precision, and that’s to say nothing of his obvious military might. While formidable even on dry land, Nereus’ dependency on water to reach full power is the only reason he isn’t Dolph Lundgren’s strongest character.

He-Man – Masters of the Universe

He could trade blows with Superman

He-Man is distinguished by superhuman strength that transcends conventional limits, endowing him with the power to match punches with Superman and even lifting and hurling Castle Grayskull. In addition to superhuman strength, He-Man boasts heightened stamina and reflexes, allowing him to endure otherwise lethal explosions and exhibit extraordinary speed and agility. Armed with the Sword of Power, a virtually indestructible weapon, He-Man's leadership, weapon mastery, and magical prowess make him a truly deadly force, canonically embodying unparalleled might and strategic brilliance. While Masters of the Universe was Dolph Lundgren’s least favorite movie, He-Man is undoubtedly the most stacked character he’s ever portrayed.

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