Joe Goldberg Returns to His Old Stomping Grounds As ‘You’ Season 5 Begins Filming

There’s been a ton of Netflix shows that viewers have obsessed with it over the years. However, none have been as chilling as You. The horror thriller starring Penn Badgley as the twisted Joe Goldberg will be premiering its fifth and final season sometime in the next year or so. With that, there has been a slew of new casting announcements and story details released in preparation. Now You Season 5 has officially entered production with Netflix releasing the first behind-the-scenes image marking Badgley’s return to New York City.

The image sees Badgley’s Joe walking down the lonely streets of NYC. Netflix accompanied the post with the simple nostalgic message, “back to where it all began. The 5th and final season of YOU is now in production.” It’s an effective shot given how much history New York holds in the series. This is the first time fans and Joe have been back there since the end of Season 1.

In the series' first installment, Joe starts out as an innocent-looking bookshop worker. Just an avenge New Yorker trying to find love in the Big Apple. However, as we all know now, Joe is anything but innocent. Elizabeth Lail’s Beck tragically learned that in that debut season. One of the more unique aspects of You is that it puts us in the mind of an insane killer who’s always trying to justify his actions like he’s the hero of this story. Again, as the body count started to pile up and Joe’s dark past came back to haunt him, Joe became as disgusting as the streets he walked.

To New York and Back Again

Even though You started as a Lifetime series, it gained most of its following when it landed on Netflix months later in 2018. The streamer would eventually become its new home after Season 1. The adventures of Joe Goldberg would see this killer in hiding, traveling to places like Los Angeles and the suburbs where he would reluctantly start a family with Victoria Pedretti’s Love, who’s a part of one of the best plot twists in TV history.

From there, Season 4 would find Joe in hiding once again in London as a college professor. This latest season was structured at first as a whodunnit, but that was only a cover for the more physiological backdrop of the blood-soaked caper. However, the biggest plot takeaway from last season was that Joe, with the help of his new flame Kate played by Charlotte Ritchie, found a way to restore his identity and return to his “normal life” in New York. However, we'll have to tune in for Season 5 to see how long that lasts.

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See the new set image above and stay tuned at Collider for more updates on You Season 5. You can stream the first four seasons on Netflix.

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A dangerously charming, intensely obsessive young man goes to extreme measures to insert himself into the lives of those he is transfixed by.


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September 9, 2018


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