The Mandalorian Might’ve Snuck In Star Wars’ First F-Bomb (& We Can’t Unhear It)

The Mandalorian Might've Snuck In Star Wars' First F-Bomb (& We Can't Unhear It)

The Mandalorian Might've Snuck In Star Wars' First F-Bomb (& We Can't Unhear It)


"The Mandalorian" might have snuck in the first Star Wars F-bomb and fans are loving it. The Jon Favreau-created series emerged as one of the first original programs on Disney+, ushering in a new era of Star Wars storytelling. It's responsible for a lot of the franchise's post-"Rise of Skywalker" content and maybe a swear word. In Season 3, Episode 7 — "Chapter 23: The Spies," Grogu and the titular character (Pedro Pascal) come across a member of the adorable Anzellan species. 

The Anzellan and Grogu start beefing with one another; the baby can't stop squeezing the cute little workers. Eventually, the two stop throwing hands, with the Anzellan walking away, muttering "Bad baby. No squeezie!" The alien then says something that eerily sounds like, "I'm out, Motherf***er." The clip below shows the fallout of the feud and features subtitles, though it doesn't acknowledge the supposed F-bomb. 

Hey…Did that Anzellan just say (Right after "No squeezie")…

"I'm out, Motherf*cker!" at the end? 😆

It's canon now – We have our first "motherf*cker" in Star Wars..!#TheMandalorian@themandalorian#DinDjarin#Grogu#AnzellanDroidsmiths#BabuFrik#StarWarsCussin#IG12

— Jaster Vhett (@JVhett) April 13, 2023


This is one of the few things that adults will notice in "The Mandalorian" Season 3. Now, the Anzellan probably doesn't drop the F-bomb and they're likely saying gibberish, but it sure does sound a lot like the curse word. The Anzellans, which debuted in "The Rise of Skywalker," speak in a mixture of exaggerated English and babbles. Lucasfilm and Disney previously cut the first Star Wars F-bomb from the "Andor" Season 1 finale.

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The Mandalorian fans think the Anzellan has a potty mouth

The Mandalorian Might've Snuck In Star Wars' First F-Bomb (& We Can't Unhear It)


Star Wars fans are loving how "The Mandalorian" scene seemingly features an F-bomb. While we genuinely don't know what voice actor Shirley Henderson said, viewers are convinced that Grogu was on the receiving end of the bad word. "I didn't think it was true at first, because when watching it, I didn't hear it, but upon further investigation … he for sure does say it," wrote X (formerly, known as Twitter) user @garetnichols. "Yes he did! I caught that and was like 'Wait a minute, he didn't say what I THINK he said did he?!' and after the fourth time I was grinning," added @ShadowTempest00. 

Since Star Wars is a family-friendly franchise, it's fair to assume that the alien didn't yell "I'm out, Motherf***er." And even if the property decides to jump into R-rated territory, it seems wasteful to have the first Star Wars F-bomb be given to an alien and not Mace Windu actor Samuel L. Jackson, who is widely beloved for his use of the term. "I always thought Mace Windu would say the first 'motherf***er' in Star Wars, but it was the Anzellans," shared @vivaciousvirgo. 

While we'll never know if the Anzellan dropped the first F-bomb, the bad word is already tied to Star Wars lore — kind of. Jackson's lightsaber features an explicit reference to "Pulp Fiction," the film that arguably popularized the actor's relationship with "motherf***er." 


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