Who Is The Girl Galactus In Rivals? Marvel’s Galacta Explained

Who Is The Girl Galactus In Rivals? Marvel's Galacta Explained


The first trailer for "Marvel Rivals" shows some of the franchise's most prominent characters getting into dust-ups with each other. Fan favorites such as Iron Man, Hulk, and Groot are featured, but the presence of the little-known Galacta, daughter of Galactus, raises some interesting questions. She appears at the end of the teaser and it's suggested she has a significant role in the game.

Known as Gali to her friends, Galacta was introduced in "Marvel Assistant-Sized Spectacular" #2 in a story by Adam Warren and Hector Sevilla Lujan. This series was created to give the unsung heroes and villains of Marvel's rich lore a spotlight to shine. Galacta impressed readers enough to warrant a solo mini-series, "Galacta: Daughter of Galactus," in 2010. The stories portray her as a teenager and the polar opposite of her old man, continuing Marvel's fascination with dysfunctional families. Arguably, her full potential has yet to be realized.

Galacta drifted into obscurity following her mini-series, but will "Marvel Rivals" give her a new lease of life? Does her inclusion mean there are big plans for the character moving forward? Galacta could add a fun dynamic to Marvel's future stories, but we don't know the entertainment powerhouse's plans. For now, let's take a look at her history and how she differs from her parental figure.


Galacta is more likable than her father

Who Is The Girl Galactus In Rivals? Marvel's Galacta Explained


Few beings in the Marvel Universe are more intimidating than Galactus, a cosmic entity and literal devourer of worlds. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Galactus is known for feasting on entire planets and draining them of their life force, often without any rhyme or reason to his destruction. Fortunately, his family isn't all bad, as Galacta is generally quite pleasant to be around.

While she boasts some of Galactus' cosmic powers (not to mention his ravenous appetite), Galacta uses her abilities for good and keeps her hunger at bay. For example, instead of consuming whole planets, she munches on alien lifeforms threatening to destroy Earth. She is also more altruistic than her father, given that she's fond of humans and doesn't want to eradicate entire civilizations.

This young hero's story is a classic tale of a teenager being mad at her dad, and her frustrations are utterly justified. After all, a planet-destroying entity is more frustrating than a father who embarrasses their kid while chaperoning a school dance.

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