Why Netflix Users Are Warning Each Other About 3 Body Problem

Why Netflix Users Are Warning Each Other About 3 Body Problem


Contains spoilers for "3 Body Problem" Episode 5 — "Judgment Day" 

Netflix users are warning "3 Body Problem" viewers about one of the show's most disturbing scenes. Netflix's latest sci-fi series "3 Body Problem" desperately wants to be the next "Game of Thrones," which is probably why the streaming giant roped in David Benioff & D. B. Weiss to helm the series. Based on the acclaimed Chinese novels of the same name, "3 Body Problem" is filled with existential dread, leading to tons of great reviews. With the series gaining a massive following on Netflix, viewers are chatting about Episode 5, titled "Judgment Day," which features "Game of Thrones"-style deaths. 

In the episode, the ship Judgment Day is attacked, with those on board, including children, gruesomely killed. The ship and its passengers are disturbingly sliced in half. It's an extremely graphic scene, with many comparing it to the infamous "Red Wedding" scene from "Game of Thrones." "The brutality of Judgment Day in 3 Body Problem rivals that of the Red Wedding," wrote X (formerly, known as Twitter) user @dramasnub. "Holy hell the Panama Canal scene in 3 Body Problem was horrific. Worse than the Red Wedding. Yikes and also Gross!" shared @darrenelmore. 

Even users like @dennigalla who were mixed about the series had praise for the wild moment, writing, "I have an absolute dissertation of problems with Netflix's 3 Body Problem but the Judgment Day scene is one of the best things I've seen on telly in a while." 


Fans are divided over Auggie's handling of the tech

Why Netflix Users Are Warning Each Other About 3 Body Problem


The "3 Body Problem" had a turbulent road to the small screen but it seems like it was well worth it for fans. The moment in "Judgment Day" is definitely terrifying as it shows just how adamant the human characters are about stopping the aliens. The nanofiber technology used to "slice" the passengers on the ship is created by Dr. "Auggie" Salazar (Eiza González), who reluctantly tests it out. It's a difficult but necessary moment for Salazar's arc, as she has to reckon with the impacts of her invention, which is set to be a major force against the aliens. It's an effective sequence, one that fans of the "3 Body Problem" are heralding as a masterpiece. "The Episode 5 Panama Canal scene is the most incredible (and horrifying) sequence in cinematic history," expressed @TheUnderslinger. "No one will ever be able to unsee it." 

For Auggie, it's a key character moment that has fans divided, but most seem to understand her plight. "U hating on Auggie but her panama canal scene was brilliantly executed. I can deeply empathise with her […] this added emotional weight to the scene not just the shocking massacre…" wrote @DuaKhalifa14. Others, however, are disappointed by how the character handles her responsibility. "What is it w/ this Auggie character? Just own your part in that operation (Panama) and move on. She acts as if the burden she carries isnt shared everyone involved," discussed @GeidiusPrime. 

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The 3 Body Problem cast and crew discuss Judgment Day

Why Netflix Users Are Warning Each Other About 3 Body Problem


The "3 Body Problem" moment shapes the trajectory for the entire season and arguably the entire series. Co-creator David Benioff was particularly excited in bringing the moment to life. "The Judgment Day sequence in the book was one of those ones that we talked about before where you just think, 'Oh man, I really want to see that on-screen, see it done right," the co-writer said in a behind-the-scenes look released by Netflix. 

Words on the page are one thing, but visualizing and planning the sequence for Netflix was no small task. In the behind-the-scenes video, director Minkie Spiro ruminated on how she and her team could show off Auggie's damning tech. According to Spiro, preparation for the scene took months and required extensive research. To make the moment authentic and believable, particle physics expert Dr. Matt Kenzie was brought on board. "When we were trying to design the nanofibre cutter in Auggie's lab, something I realized quite quickly was that if I was really doing this experiment, I would want to be observing the property of these fibres," Kenzie said, adding that it was important for the fibers to be static. 

While a majority of the sequence is CG, Spiro explained that moments in the ship's corridor, where things on the wall were sliced in half, like clocks, were done practically on set. The hard work ultimately led to something special. "I don't think we've ever seen something like this on TV," Eiza González shared. Well said, González. 

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