Megan Fox’s Best Movie Earned Her The One Award Nomination No Actor Wants

Megan Fox's Best Movie Earned Her The One Award Nomination No Actor Wants

Megan Fox's Best Movie Earned Her The One Award Nomination No Actor Wants


It's not an understatement to say Megan Fox's career has had some serious ups and downs. After a breakthrough role in Michael Bay's "Transformers," Fox was ultimately fired from the "Transformers" franchise after the director deemed her difficult and she made some pretty cutting comments about him. The actor also seemed to struggle with her identity as a sex symbol while pursuing more varied roles. Luckily, one movie was brave and intelligent enough to effectively weaponize this status — and that movie, 2009's "Jennifer's Body," is her best movie to date. It also earned Fox her very first Razzie nomination.

A Razzie, formally known as a "Golden Raspberry," is an award gifted to the worst performers of each year in cinema — basically the inverse of the Oscars. Fox has actually won a few; just recently, she picked up Razzies for worst actress and worst supporting actress for the 2023 films "Johnny & Clyde" and "Expend4bles," respectively. Her performance as popular girl turned succubus Jennifer Check in Diablo Cody and Karyn Kusama's film, though, is incredible — even though it was the first film in her body of work to make her a Razzie nominee. In fact, in the years since its release, "Jennifer's Body" has become a cult classic … and that's for good reason.


Jennifer's Body is an underrated gem — and these days, it's a cult classic

Megan Fox's Best Movie Earned Her The One Award Nomination No Actor Wants


Here's a quick refresher for those who may have forgotten what happens in "Jennifer's Body." Megan Fox's titular character is beautiful, popular, and desired … and her best friend Anita "Needy" Lesnicki (Amanda Seyfried) is quiet, unassuming, and meek in contrast. Still, the two are lifelong friends, and it's thanks to Jennifer's insistence that they go out one night in their small town of Devil's Kettle, Minnesota, and see a band called Low Shoulder. When Jennifer leaves the venue with the band, Needy simply goes home — only to find her friend in her kitchen in the wee hours of the night, frantically eating out of the Lesnicki family fridge and acting bizarre.

As it turns out, the guys in Low Shoulder tried to sacrifice Jennifer in a Satanic ritual to make themselves famous — but she isn't a virgin, so it turns her into a succubus. It takes a while for Needy to figure out exactly what's going on with Jennifer, but the whole situation becomes fairly obvious when she starts glowing after feasting on male flesh. When Jennifer targets Needy's boyfriend Chip Dove (Johnny Simmons), Needy goes after her and kills her, but is ultimately incarcerated for her apparent murder. 

In the last few minutes of the film, though, Needy escapes … and gets revenge on Low Shoulder. In case none of this is convincing, the cast of "Jennifer's Body" is pretty stacked and includes Chris Pratt, J.K. Simmons, and Amy Sedaris in supporting roles.

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Will there ever be a sequel to Jennifer's Body?

Megan Fox's Best Movie Earned Her The One Award Nomination No Actor Wants


So will there ever be a sequel to "Jennifer's Body?" According to Diablo Cody, she's down — and Megan Fox has a clever idea that could help make the concept work.

"Yes! I wanna do a sequel," Cody told Bloody Disgusting in late 2023. "I am not done with Jennifer's Body. I just need to find … I need to partner with people who believe it in as much as I do and that hasn't really happened yet. I need someone to believe in it who has a billion dollars." Meanwhile, Fox told The Washington Post back in 2021 that she thinks it's doable. "I don't think it's a hard movie to make a sequel to," she said. "I mean, they should make it into a TV series. That would be cool."

There's only one apparent issue here, which is that Fox's character dies at the end of "Jennifer's Body" — she's killed by her own best friend Needy Lesnicki, who then absorbs Jennifer's wild powers and becomes super-strong. It seems like it could be difficult to fully reboot the story, especially considering that Amanda Seyfried might not be available to play Needy again — and she's quite a bit older by this point. Still, it's pretty thrilling to imagine that Cody could and would cook up a sequel to this beloved horror flick.


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